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Middle School 6th-8th

Middle school helps transition from elementary school to high school, and helps prepare students for college preparatory classes. The middle school core curriculum is content-driven and Bible-based with emphasis on concepts necessary for success in high school.  Beginning in the 6th grade, students will be issued a school-managed iPad and a Smart keyboard to use for academics.

The Middle school students may choose from enrichment classes in: art, band, choir, hand chimes,  drama, technology, literature enrichment, theater, and physical education.  Middle school teachers use a variety of teaching methods to address the various academic levels and learning styles of      students in a nurturing and supportive environment. These include hands-on activities, lectures,   research, technology, and higher level thinking activities.

High School 9th-12th

Macon Road Baptist School high school students are provided a challenging course of study that builds upon the foundation prepared for them.  This course of study prepares students for college and  entrance requirements.  All courses provide students with a Christ-centered worldview in academics as well as life.  The main course of study is enriched with elective courses such as: art, band, choir, drama, hand chimes, technology, yearbook, ACT prep, and personal fitness.  Students will be issued a school-managed iPad and a Smart keyboard to use for academics.

Our curriculum offers regular, honors, and Advanced Placement options in a variety of subjects.  Juniors and seniors may register for dual enrollment classes through Bryan College. Specific guidelines will be given to students who meet the academic qualifications required to accept this additional workload.