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College Guidance

If your student is entering into the eleventh grade they will officially enter the guidance program at Macon Road Baptist School. Macon Road Baptist School is a college prepatory school which means that we would like to provide your child with the opportunity to enter an institution of higher learning. Here are a few points of emphasis for your student during the coming year. Each student has already been given this information in a personal meeting. If any questions, feel free to email our academic counselor, John Jacobs, at

1. Each student is strongly advised to take the ACT during the fall semester of their junior year. The ACT is a very important test not only for college admittance but also for scholarships. Macon Road offers an ACT prep course, but also advises individual preparation. By taking the ACT fall semester, the student then has many options to prep and retake thereby obtaining a more desirable score for either scholarships or admittance. You can sign-up to take the test at

2. Each student is also advised to start looking for scholarships.
     a. The state offers the HOPE scholarship for those students who receive a 21 on the ACT or have a 3.0 in high school. The state also offers a few other scholarships depending on GPA and ACT as well as a few grant opportunities Most of these scholarships carry with them a requirement to attend a school in the state of Tennessee however there are a few exceptions. There is also the Tennessee Promise that allows for a very affordable path to college which any student to attend a junior college for first 2 years at the state's expense.
     b. Most colleges offer a variety of scholarships. Most of these scholarships can be found by visiting the college's website or talking to an admission's officer. These scholarships need to be applied for by a certain date making it vital to start looking during the junior year. They also sometimes have requirements for essays and interviews.
     c. Another option would be a church or church organizations (Tennessee Baptist Convention offers scholarships), places of employment, companies that you frequent or a simple internet search (

3. Each student is also advised to start looking at colleges and universities. College admission officers strongly recommend applying the first semester of a student's senior year.  It is suggested that each student visits any prespective colleges. We also bring college representatives to visit our campus.

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